CRAW Day 129: No Crying in Argentina

The Adventure Continues: Welcome to Argentina, mis boludos!

Lots to announce:

Uno. Official welcome to our new teammate Lori! Despite starting late, she is already outwalking her way past brother Ben, with sights set next on hubbie Pete–off to a great start! We now have sibling as well as spousal and generational rivalries.
Dos. Everyone (but Lori 😐) should be immensely enjoying their new Andes Region medals, much heftier and substantial than for Stage I. At this rate, we won’t be able to lift the last stage’s medal. Be sure to tell your friends that the medal is for successfully eating 1000 Andes thin mints in one sitting…and that you also made 1000 paper cranes out of the green foil wrappers. Of course, Japanese legend says that the cranes earn you a wish from the gods–we suggest wishing for immunity from diabetes. We wonder what happens if you do this with Dum Dums:

Image credit:

Tres. We are making excellent time through southern South America! We’ve already devoured 500 bowls…that is, miles…of Chile, including trekking up and over the Chilean Andes at Socompa Pass, which due to the many unexploded landmines in the area managed to earn a prestigious DangerousRoad award:

Image credit: Unknown

But that’s just the beginning! Faced with a huuuugggge downhill, we’ve very quickly marked off nearly another 500 miles in Argentina, such that we are nearly 1/3 of the way through our 3,100 mile stage already! Everyone has piled on the miles, but especially Jay–who apparently biked the entire time he was on Winter Break; Kathy–who continues to log her consistent, mind-boggling cycling outings; and Mark–who is consistently remembering to log his outrageously long triathlon training sessions. Because of this unprecedented pace, we have now moved up 11 spots to 226th place, just ahead of the Awkward Turtles (which was formed just this week by Mitch McConnell congressional staffers). We are only 19 miles behind Team HHCIB, which obviously stands for Hollow High-Current Ion Beams. As this must be a bunch of particle physicists, we should be able to easily catch them.

Finalamente. Today we are staying in the Spanish colonial village of Purmamarca, nestled just beneath the Cerro de los Siete Colores mountains within the Quebrada de Humahuaca range:

Image credit:

We visited the town zocolo and shopped in the marketplace…

Image credit:

…before retreating to the Hotel La Comarca

Image credit:

…to enjoy the sun set over the montañas:

Image credit:

Todo bien!

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